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True Maps 3 HD

  • True Maps Devices

    Millons of places of interests worldwide!.

  • The World in your hand

    View all subways easily

  • 3d offline maps

    New 3D Engine makes maps pop out! (coming soon...)

  • Offline features

    No GPS or internet required, max battery life.

True Maps 3 HD - Maps for the world

True Maps 3 HD gives you maps for any place in the world. Using Openstreetmap and True Maps rendering engine, it delivers beautiful and detailed maps that will allow you to see streets, parks, neighbourhoods of the different cities.

More than 600,000 users have already used True Maps!

Places of Interest

In True Maps HD, you can find Restaurants, Hotels, Pharmacies, Hospitals and more. All the POIs are very easy to spot using True Maps intuitive user interface and design.

Turn by Turn Navigation

You can select your origin or destination simply by tapping on the map, no need for searching your place! True Maps will give you the fastest route without the need for an internet connection in any place in the world!

Night Mode

Thanks to its own rendering engine, True Maps allows you to change its style any time. The night mode style allows you to see the map much better under low light conditions.

Street Search

Search for an address using the street name, address number (depends on the availability) or using the crossing street name.

I think it is excellent!

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Excellent application. Simple and fast!

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Very useful when you don't have a wifi spot nearby.

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True Maps 3 HD

Do you want to have unlimited offline maps of the world in the palm of your hand?